Aqualab Pur Gloss Polyurethane

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The AQUALAB PUR (GLOSS, SATIN or MATTE) is a two-component low-odor water-based aliphatic polyurethane floor coating system which is VOC-exempt. The products offer a uniform finish, without orange peel and a beautiful appearance. The AQUALAB PUR also offers unparalleled resistance to UV (non-yellowing), excellent abrasion resistance and the ability to hide scratches. The AQUALAB PUR can be used as a protective layer for the LABPOX 30, LABPOX 35 and 40 UV epoxy products or directly on concrete. Our formulation is based on the latest technological advances in the field of aliphatic water-based polyols.

1-Gallon Kit = 1 x A (3.2 L) + 1 x B (0.6 L)

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