Product description :

RM250 Compact Concrete Grinder

The Newgrind Rhino RM250 is best suited to contractors wanting the convenience of a smaller unit, without compromising on power.

The additional horsepower and voltage allows you to stack more weight on the machine, giving you the higher point pressure necessary for aggressively and rapidly removing coatings, glues and mastics.

This multi purpose unit is powerful enough to be used as your primary grinder & polisher, or as a dedicated edging unit for contractors with an existing line of equipment.

Now your edges look the same as the field, as with all our grinders the RM250 allows you to complete up to 95% of your edging.

This 100% trackless machine was designed with six counter rotating heads which double cut & cross cut with each pass.

This ultimately cuts the number of passes in half when compared to planetary grinders.


  • Dual vacuum manifolds for efficient dust control
  • Grinds as close as 1/8″ to the edge
  • Counter rotating heads (double cut and cross cut with each pass)
  • Wet or dry grinding
  • Extremely durable floating UHMW dust skirt
  • Uses Rhino style tooling


  • Extremely Heavy Removal 200-300 sq./ft per hour.
  • Heavy Removal 300-500 sq./ft per hour.
  • Light Removal 400-700 sq./ft per hour.
  • Grinding & Profiling 350-600 sq./ft per hour.
  • Polishing 700-800 sq./ft per hour