Epoxy Vapor Barrier Kit

Product description :

CCE-100-MVB is a 100% solid, two component epoxy coating, made to control the moisture vapor emission rate on deteriorated or new floors. This coating will control moisture vapor emission rates up to 25 lb. /24 hr. /1000 square feet. CCE-100- MVB provides excellent physical and chemical resistance while maintaining its aesthetics. This system has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and meets LEED standards.

CCE-100-MVB is formulated as a high solids system for classrooms, laboratories, mechanical rooms, areas of light manufacturing, where cleanliness and easy maintenance are required.

▪ Low odour, Solvent-free, low VOC content
▪ 100% solids with an esthetic high gloss finish ▪ Superior mechanical resistance
▪ Good chemical and physical resistance
▪ Easy to clean, bacteria and moisture resistant surface

CCE-100-MVB is packaged in factory proportioned packaging for easy handling and mixing.
Resin (R): 2.0 US Gal
Hardener (H): 1.0 US Gal