Epoxy Crack Filler 2H Kit

Product description :

CCE-100-2H is a 100% solid super fast curing crack filler created for the reparation of vertical and horizontal cracks. Made with two components, it has excellent adhesion to many surfaces such as concrete, masonry, wood, metal and plastics. This system has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

CCE-100-2H is formulated as a high solids system for classrooms, laboratories, mechanical rooms, indoor parking, and areas of light manufacturing.

▪ Low odour, Solvent-free, low VOCs ▪ 100% solid
▪ Superior mechanical resistance
▪ Waterproof
▪ May be applied in several layers
▪ May be applied vertically
▪ Applies to many different surface materials

CCE-100-2H is packaged in factory proportioned packaging for easy handling and mixing. CCE-100-2H is sold in 1 Gallon kits.